Error 339 in ground2k4

hello everyone:

ok here it goes the new problem with ground2k4:

im following the tutorial that creates the monaco coast (sorry i dont remember the author's name) and so far im stuck at the create a polygon i have to click two buttons

1.Click on the “Road/river/lake” icon on the toolbar. All the related icons will now be available
2.Click on the “New object” icon
3.Place the mouse at the initial position of your new coast.

after this instruction i make the click on the map and a message in french pops up saying:

'error 339'
"Le composant 'TABCTL32.OCX' ou une de ses dependances nest pas correctement enregistre: un ficher est absent ou incorrect"

click OK, and then the program crashes...

any ideas guys.... i got the 5.33 version and nothing is happening, am i skipping something? or missing??

thnx in advance!!!!! hope somebody got the answer for this!



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Hi Alfredo,

My french is not that good :), but I think the message says that the OCX file is not registered correct.

Can you first verify it the file is actually on your PC already? If it is there, you will have to register it. You can do this by typing in the command prompt:

regsvr32 TABCTL32.OCX
where exactly

hi again arno!

where exactly should i register that :eek: where is command prompt?

would you be kind to give me a step by step process

sorry :eek: :eek: :eek: im not sure what or where is that



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Hi Alfredo,

You can start the command prompt from your start menu or by type cmd in the run field.

After that you should get a nice black screen. You should now move to the folder where the OCX file is located. This is done by typing cd followed by the folder name (if it is on a different drive, you have to change drives first as well).

After that type the text I posted in my first reply on the prompt and you should get a message that the module has been registered correct.

(Sorry for this complex approach, but I don't know another way to register a module).