Error 53 During File Select

Whe I select a previously modified file from within the program (bmp file list) I receive the Run Time #53 Error. Selecting existing FS2204 BMP files works ok.
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Ah, now I see what the problem is. Dick, you have to remember that the stated purpose of this program is to add back in autogen in NEW scenery areas that designers have created. I never dreamed someone would be in the default FS directories trying to alter the .agn files that don't follow the naming conventions the files get when creating new photoreal texture tiles. When I go looking for an existing .agn file that corresponds to a .bmp file in a texture directory, I have assumed there's this long list of characters of 15 numbers, followed by 2 characters designating the season, and then ".bmp". When I go to save out an .agn file for that image, I take those 15 numbers and add on "an.agn". That's why you're having problems with the mosaic function. It's only for addon texture directories, not your default FS areas. Man, that's a scary thing to be going in and directly editing those default files and certainly not what I ever intended for users to be doing. If you have a compelling need to alter FS's included .agn files, please copy them out to another directory and work on them there. Only after you're sure you haven't created a mess would you then copy them back and then only after ensuring you have an adequate backup.

Hope this all makes sense. I'll certainly look to see if the code can be altered to prevent the creation of the bizarre file name you ended up with but please be careful what you're editing.

Art Martin
Thanks Art...

I would like to "improve" the existing Autogen'd basic FS files. I thought that the file name looked odd but who knows.... I just keep a world/texture file copy around.

One other file related item. Under FILE you can OPEN which provides a tree that ends with supposedly the last file used. However, mine stops as shown. Would be nice to have it go all the way to the last file used.
Dick Boley
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I've noticed that happens when I'm using it as well and I haven't had time to pin that down yet. Some folders it retains the position and on others it reverts back a step or two in the tree. The last position is being saved into the .ini file so I'm probably missing some code where that gets saved properly. Of course Microsoft in their infinite wisdom give you only this generic treeview control without any built-in directory traversing functionality so I had to build in all that myself. I was real happy just to figure out how to load up and move through directories using the control. Trying to figure out which nodes of the treeview to expand to get to a saved path turned out to be this real pain in the butt and I'm not surprised if I missed something small that works sometimes but not always. Eventually I'll clean that one up.