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Error ActiveX

I just downloaded "Library Creator XML" and when I load it I get an error;
Run-time error '429':
ActiveX component can't creat object

P.S. I also get this with CAT.

Please help,
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I have never seen this error before, so I will have to look into it.

Do you get the error right after you start the program? Or do you have to click some button first to get it?
Yes, the VB6 runtime components are needed. But I can't remember where I have used an ActiveX component, so I have no idea which part is causing the error.

Please try to install the VB6 runtime and if that does not help, I can try to make a full install version of the tool.
Arno, I'm getting emails about the same kind of error with my new program. Of course it doesn't come up on all computers and I've been unable to pin down what's unique about the ones that error out. There are a quite a few references on the Microsoft website about that error but I've found their fixes don't seem to be valuable. Bottom line is that VB6's Package and Deployment tool is crap and requires the programmer to have in-depth knowledge of all the possible workstation configurations that the app might possibly be installed on which is completely unrealistic. I'm fighting a similar issue at work where we have ultimate control over the disk image on the workstations.

Some of the users have told me that removing references in the setup.lst file to certain troublesome .dll and .ocx files has let them get past the errors. That solution doesn't set well with me since you can't apply it globally. Some of those files may simply be necessary during install on computers that have never referenced or installed the dll or control. My guess is that some recent security patch released by Microsoft has rendered one or more of the stock reference files from VB6 incompatible. Of course Microsoft has thrown their entire focus on VB.NET and could care less about us software engineers that have devoted years of our careers mastering VB6. Bill Gates needs to be slapped up side his head.

Art Martin
Hi Art,

Thanks for this additional info.

I must say that with most of my tools it has not happened often. A hand ful of users in general have problems like this (until now I never released a setup program with the tool, just the exe).

If this new version of Library Creator XML has more trouble, it might be due to the additional features I have added in this latest version. So that might give me a clue on where to find them.
Arno, there's a new service pack upgrade to VB6 (SP6) and from preliminary testing at work, it seems to cure the 429 errors. You might want to download it.

I have used VB5 for some time now and know that almost all tools (i.e. Text Boxs, Labels and such) are sometype of OCX file. If the ones you used don't match the ones on the person that downloads your program then there will be errors. I always use an installer that all files, OCX, are including.

Just my two cents worth,

P.S. I am going to install the VB6 runtime now, will post back later and let you know.
OK, thanks for trying. I will create a full installer and post it. Then you can see if that solves your problem.
I don't know if the installer helped, but it has been removed now.

The new version of Library Creator XML comes with an installer by default. I hope it will prevent problems like this in the future.