Error Loading DSD_FSX_XML_sound Gauge in CS 757

Getting an error when trying to load the CS ( CaptainSim) 757 DSD_FSX_XML_sound Gauge.
The error reads: can't find or load the dsd_fsx_xml_sound.ini or conf. failed
loading default file.
Several weeks prior to this error installed Doug Dawson CS L 1011 V-One gauge which works fine.
Prior to this install the CS 757 V-One gauge used too work fine as well.
Any ideas. Thanks C.F. Rod.
Using the following add ons in FSX Acceleration :
Your V-One Gauge for:
CS 757; CS 737; CS L 1011; CS 727
The problem is the CS 757. When loading the aircraft I get the error mentioned above.


Resource contributor
OK. Thanks.
Actually, it is not my V-One gauge; that is someone else's xml code. Sorry, I don't recall who's it is, you'll have to check the readme for it.
Have a look at the add-on download and make sure that all the files included in it are still in place in your FS install.

The aircraft (CS 757) loads fine. Once I clear the error message, the plane loads and work fine.
I can use your V One gauge fine but it doesn't has any of the V One gauge sounds. The aircraft default sounds are fine as well. Thanks
Hi Carlos,

I wrote those V_One gauges so let me answer your problem.
I recently updated my dsd_fsx_xml_sound gauge to version 4.21 and had the same error.
I corrected the problem by changing the path in the panel.cfg.
Look in the panel.cfg for: dsd_fsx_xml_sound!Sound, 2,2,2,2,./panel/v-one/v-one_sound.ini (note the 'period' before the first 'slash') I believe it's missing. Also change the 'slashes' to '/'
Let me know if this works.
Maybe it was v4.31???

I've installed v5.2 about a month to two ago.

Anyway, I released all of my V-One gauges with an older version of your gauge (5/1/2011 is the approximate date).
I hadn't tested any of your newer sound gauges until recently when I discovered a path issue in the CS757 panel.cfg file.



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I think I finally have most of the bugs out of the thing, so I was concerned that there might still be older versions kicking around available for general download.