P3D v4 Error Message when collecting airports

I have been trying to collect airports from outside P3D. Selecting collect airport data via the airports sub menu. However as soon I select Addon airports and PD3v4 I get the following error message:
Could not find a part of the path "C:\ Lockheed Martin\Prepar3DV4\Addon Scenery", but there is no addon scenery in V4. I store all of my addon scenery on a separate drive and I need to be able to select that drive.. This error message appears as soon as I select and tick the box P3Dv4, I do not even get the chance to select either Scenery Library or Directory Tree.

Dave Butler



Resource contributor
David, that folder is added by default by P3D. AIFP shouldn't stop if it can't find that folder, but I'm not in a position to do anything abut it for a while.

Try re-instating that folder if you have deleted it. If AIFP doesn't find any addons in it, the search should continue.


Many thanks for your prompt reply

As far as I'm aware there is no Addon scenery folder in P3 V4 created by default. However creating a dummy folder works.

This can certainly wait until you are back from your travels



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David, I've just posted Development Release 3.2.10(b) (http://stuff4fs.com) which addresses your issue, i.e., reporting PV4 Addon Scenery folder missing and, as well, expanding the search for addon airports in PV3/4 to include all valid locations, e.g., add-on/xml files.

Please verify.