-Everything you know about upcoming Flight Sim from Microsoft-

One very important question has been unequivocally answered: there will be an SDK!

is this indicate if there an SDK?
"flightsimulator.com" said:
... The challenge with creating a transparent development process built on collaboration is that we have to work on the foundation for delivering that information before doing so. With that said, we will be kicking off our Feature Exploration Series in the fall where we will be working closely with the community to walk-through the next iteration of Microsoft Flight Simulator in granular detail.
So... FSX Steam Edition is no more? They are gonna quit it from the Steam Store?

Edit: just read the press release...
Paul Jackson CEO Dovetail adds “We are incredibly proud to have looked after this fantastic flight sim during the last 5 years and we will continue publishing existing and new add-ons for FSX: Steam Edition on Steam”.
This change will not impact your game experience or impact existing or future add-ons purchased from Steam.
So... cool.


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This drip-feeding of information is really frustrating. They're not saying anything. What does this mean Microsoft?! So, you took back MSFSX. Are you going to extend on that platform as well? Maybe polish up some things? Or will you just leave it alone but reserve all rights? Will there be an update to FSXSE? Will FSX still be available for new customers on Steam in the future? And also, what does "develop FROM" even mean? Do you base the core of the new platform on the 15 year old technology? Or was that just figuratively?

Do you plan, at any point, to actually address the community directly instead of this nonsense no-information-policy you're deploying right now?


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Relax, Vitus; if it doesn’t mean anything then it’s unimportant and can be ignored. These corporate statements are wonk-generated - or perhaps MS are using garbage generator software for press releases? I’ve got some really good coffee to go with the popcorn this weekend - Monsoon Malabar. Ohhhhhh! :coffee: :coffee:
It prolly just means their going to start selling it again through the MS store as well, or summing like that. I really cant see them working and updating a 10yr old platform when they have a shiny new one to sell and advertise.


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Vitus, there is a schedule of information release on that web site (rather generic though).


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Guys, MS has simply taken back control of FSX:SE so that it will remain in Steam's catalog and servers. Imagine the screams of outrage if suddenly Steam dropped it entirely because no one was going to take responsibility for it?
The way I'm reading this is, MS realized that, since the FS2020 will start with "clean slate", no legacy file formats and such, it will not be able to be fully and transparently backwards compatible. So, they decided to continue on with FSX (and probably bring it in line with current standards) so as not to crash the current add-on industry and a wealth of developed knowledge base.

I personally couldn't be more ecstatic and happy about this announcement. While I've developed my add-on (FSX SpacePort) with modularity and portability from the get-go and I always expected I would be upgrading it one day for FS2020, this news gives my product (and obviously any other FSX add on) an extended longevity and a new lease on life!!

Also, my personal experience with DTG was dismal. I had a video chat about my add on with them more than a year ago, and they were excited about it, but since then, they fell silent, not responding to my correspondence. I have my product on Steam, but its release is in limbo, since it hinges on DTG blessing (Steam and DTG have (or, I guess now, "had") a sweetheart deal where developers needed a DTG permission in order to sell their content on Steam). I hope all that changes with this announcement.
My Gmax works fine on Windows 10... for now, early this year the right-click stopped working but a new installation fixed that.
Your material navigator doesn't freeze? I'll have to remove my workarounds and see if it's ok for me too.
Sounds quite interesting. Glad they are taking FSX back into the fold. They might do some amazing updates to it.

Did you know, FS9 is still massively played? It too is a huge success 'still'... a great following. I keep getting requests for my planes in FS2004 format. So, hearing they are keeping FSX alive is to me a super wise decision. They are thinking 'for' the customer, thinking about what people want. Awesome awesome.. .
Just saw the new update from MS and boy it looks so far insanely awesome! If the flight modeling is right this sim will blow away everything we have seen so far and beyond..


Just saw the new update from MS and boy it looks so far insanely awesome! If the flight modeling is right this sim will blow away everything we have seen so far and beyond..
Number 2 photo labled 3.jpg shows a Robin, bottom right. I know that rudder and roof reverse scoop from anywhere. Sweet.... Very nice work on the Caravan. Those windows look so real. It all looks like the real thing.

Remember back in the FS2004 days when we have only 64K polygons to work with and that included the interior model as well as the exterior model, both combined, and under 64K!!!! I wanted to make high detail interiors so bad, and beautifully rounded exteriors, and just couldnt. Constantly deleting parts to make the limit.

Then I figured out Luka's system for unlimited export... The Boeing 797 wing test bed. 1/2 million polygons... :)


So glad we now have super SDK's that can handle massive model packages, and that computers can run them smoothly.

That too was a fear, that computers couldnt run super complicated mesh planes. Worked smooooothly... :)

As soon as that technique is aviable to me in a less than 100 GB base package, able to handle 3rd party addons, getting around 30fps on a current high end rig, using AI, weather engines AND no additional costs for each new blade of grass via gaming interface....please call me. Otherwise I am out of here....