Excel spreadsheet to calculate flight dynamics

Hello to the entire community!

After reading Yves Guillaume's amazing document regarding flight dynamics (both for FS9, FSX, and P3D) i came across several issues related to the formulas. For example, when it asks to use a determined table on the .AIR file (ex: R1534), what number should i use there? I use AirEd to configure these files, so tables are displayed as graphs, that's what confuses me.
But the reason i came here was to develop an excel spreadsheet where you could introduce all the data the formulas ask for, and which shall give the results in the blink of an eye! (Yves formulas are VERY complex for some parameters). I have certain knowledge on this program, just not enough for such formulas, but i came across the idea anyways. Developers would no longer waste so much time dealing with complex maths for their flight models. I use a similar table to calculate Moments of Inertia which has been posted long ago by another user (can't remember exactly who or where he posted it).
So my plan is to create a google spreadsheet document, share it with anyone who is interested (each user taking care of a certain formula) and then release it as a freeware on this website, giving credit to everyone involved in making it.

What do you think of it? would this task be worth the result? Let me know so i can start making the spreadsheet!

Greetings, Agustin

PS: Im from Argentina and this is my first post, so let me know if my English is good enough. Thanks!
Yes, I've seen that spreadsheet before, but i am referring specifically to the "primary aerodynamics" section of the .AIR file, where the values for pitch, roll, and yaw values are specified. And that spreadsheet is very complex, plus it looks like it has been designed for the p-51 specifically.


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I have an unfinished ODS (Open/Libreoffice) spreadsheet covering a few AIR file tables, mostly related to lift, drag and engines. It still misses a working simulation page and works off the table format used in the ASM files that AIR files are produced from. If you find it useful, don't ask too many dumb questions about it and credit me for the original work, you can have it for further development.