Exclude default AI boat traffic?

Hello all

I've made some photoreal scenery of an island. Unfortunately the default FSX boat traffic puts a ferry stop at this island and sure enough it is in the incorrect location.

I've managed to exclude the 3D ferry dock (easy) but the AI ferry is another matter. I'd like to exclude this "port" from the scenery so the ferry doesn't show up and run amok in my nice marina. Does anyone know if this is possible?? and if so how?

A search on these forums showed someone asked this question a couple of years ago and had no luck. Maybe someone has figured out a solution in the meantime.

thanking you in advance for any advice.
The AI traffic is managed by a scenery file, who do not contains scenery objects, but boats list, schedule and routes definition. Take a look at this page AIBTC, and you surely find all you want to remove the route.

For example. To see the route, first decompile the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Scenery\World\Scenery\trafficboats.bgl with AIBTC. This procude 3 files : BoatsBoats.txt, PlansBoats.txt and RouteBoats.klm. Open RouteBoats.klm in Google Earth and you will find the number of the route to remove. Then open PlansBoats.txt and search for the same route number.
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Thanks Jean-Pierre

I really was hoping there would be a way to exclude the port without editing the boats traffic file but it does appear that this isn't possible. I could, as you say, edit the boats traffic file but as I plan on releasing this scenery to an unsuspecting public I can't really send out an edited default traffic file. What happens if someone has already edited the file?? I really have a moral objection to people who go around editing default FSX files without telling people. A great way to stuff up a perfectly good FSX install.

Maybe I could include an edited file for those who wish like to take a risk an overwrite a default file. Will have to think about that one.

Thanks anyway for your kind help.
In your readme file you can include a procedure that tells the users how to archive the original file before overwrite it and for those who have edited the file you can write the removed line.