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FSXA Excluding Bridges (Utilities)


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I'm getting desperate on something I can't seem to solve, no matter what I try.

I remember having had some trouble excluding default bridges in Iceland, but using the correct tag in FSX KML it worked. Now on my latest project it just won't do.

You can see the bridge in FSX, in TMF Viewer (it's obviously a "utility") and the tag in FSX KML. The exluce poly is way bigger than the bridge, so it surely covers its refpoint - but the bridge just won't disappear in FSX.

Has anybody an idea what might be wrong? :teacher:


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The polygon is excluding utilities not bridges. You need an exclusion rectangle to remove extrusion bridges.


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Ok, my bad, looks like I worked a bit too much lately. I even didn't realize the bridge can't be that spline I found in TMFViewer as that line has no edge while the bridge has a corner within the water area.

Do you know which default file includes the extrusion bridges? I don't want to test all those different exclude tags for that 30 different bridge types.
I don't use FSX KML, but if you look in the FSX SDK Help, there is a section on EXclusionRectangle which will tell you all you need to Know,in particular excludeExtrusionBridgeObjects = "TRUE"
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Thanks, Gary. I really must've been sitting in front of that screen way too long the last days, don't know why I didn't figure that out myself.
But I guess that's what this community is for. :)
I had forgotten that extrusion bridges were apparently "exclusively" XML / BGLComp type objects, and this thread compelled me to refresh my memory. :p

I too, was rather surprised to see that there appears to be no specific GUID-based "CVX vector" exclude code for that type of scenery object, as IIRC, 'some' XML / BGLComp type objects can be excluded via vector exclude BGLs just as they can via "XML" type excludes ! :confused:

PS: If an otherwise undocumented SHP2VEC exclude exists for extrusion bridges, perhaps one might add it to the available list of types in FSXKML's "fsx_kml_tags.xml" file ?

I wonder if any GUIDs in [FSX SDK install path]\Environment Kit\Terrain SDK\Vector Shape Properties Guids.html might exclude extrusion bridges via CVX vector BGLs ?


Based on what Scott Smart wrote here:


...in ADE, via a graphically drawn exclude polygon, when compiled, a SH2VEC type CVX exclude BGL gets written out ...rather than a XML type BGLComp exclude BGL. ;)

Now, granted, that thread had to do with excluding autogen, but one might wonder if the same might also be achieved for extrusion bridges.

I'd be interested to see if "Scruffyduck" might have any insights to share on what GUID could be used to create a CVX vector exclude for extrusion bridges ! :idea:

< Ahem... I didn't want to test GUIDs for all 49 types of "bridges" in "Vector Shape Properties Guids.html" either ! > :eek:


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Thanks for sharing that insight George... glad I didn't take the time to test (any) of them ! :D

As to existing tags in FSXKML's "fsx_kml_tags.xml" file, perhaps Thorsten may inform us of any he finds that exclude extrusion bridges ? ;)

PS: Try to promote a bit more Holiday "cheer"... OK, George ? :rolleyes:

I fear the increased sarcasm in your posts here and elsewhere over the last year might compel Santa to leave a lump of coal in your Xmas stocking ! :eek:



I had an online chat with Santa before he left today, and reminded him of your numerous helpful tutorials so generously shared with others this year. :p

Santa suggested adding this "reminder tweak" to my GaryGB.Cfg file: :eek:

GeorgeIsAJollyGoodFellow = "TRUE"

Hope your Holiday celebrations will be merry and bright, George ! :santahat:


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