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Gday all, have a nagging issue with scenery exclusion . I cant get either the SBuilder scasm variant or XML hand coded exclude to remove two bridge sections from a scenery. These objects are at the western most point of Philip Island, Australia. easy way to see them is start at YPID and then head west along the coast to the end of the island and you will see them.

I know that if i remove Australia fromt eh scenery stack, the bridges are gone. I have tried placing the exclusion in the Scenery/Aust/Scenery folder aswell but to no avail.

My exclusion is way larger than the foot print area but nothing seems to work. To test my excludes, i placed the same object there by hand coded BGL and that was removed when the exclude was active, however, the two default placed objects remain. Very frustrating as they shouldnt be there.

If any one has the time to look at this issue and advise a solution id be much obliged.

rgds Jeff


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Hi Jeff,

Could it be that that bridge is actually a VTP bridge? Or have you already tried to make a VTP exclude with SBuilder?
Thats one of the things that has me stumped Arno, its actually listed as a Lib Object in FS9 but i cant for the life of me find the offending file that is calling it. Ive appended all the VTP files for the area " XX986450.BGL" in the Scenery/Aust/Scenery folder ( this is the BGL set that i think must be calling it ) yet cant get the darn thing to remove. Ill give it another shot but im really stumped.

rgds Jeff
Just fired up SBuilder and appended the Roads BGL file and then slewed the AC to the Objects. They are right on the point of where the default road ends but as ive since removed them from FS9 and replaced them with my own Roads BGL file i would have thought they would have gone. Ill rename the exclude to the same name as the Road BGl with 000_ infront to see if this will solve the problem, thanks for the tip Arno, hope it works.

Edited: Nope didnt work. can you please give an example of a VTP exclude as i have forgotten the format, although there is no longer a road there, it will be intresting to see if it would work.

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Found Christians DefArea and getting it now, hope it does the trick and also supplies source code to study.

thanks again for the headsup Arno.

rgds Jeff
DefArea did the trick, again, many thanks Arno . Now to email a thanks to Christian for a great little tool.