Experienced scenery developer for assistance needed

Hi FsDeveloper-Community,
as some of you may know, I'm currently working on a Stuttgart scenery. I'm proceeding quite well with the modelling, but as this is my first scenery, I'm having some problems with my lack of experience, how many polys are appropriate for somethings, how to texture things properly for a good performance and finally how to bring it in the FS. I would be really happy if someone with experience in the fields of texturing, modeling, converting could help me with creating this scenery. I'm a student and I've never published a scenery and I didn't win in the lottery, so I can't pay anyone now , but if the scenery would get published as payware we would of course split the earnings.
I would be really happy if someone could spend some time helping me with this project.

Greetings, Finn

PS: I use Blender for modelling and I have the Substance Suite installed, but didn't finally decide wether I use it.