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I have a HTAI C208b that I would like to convert to fsx but in the animation...watch the right flap...it slides to the left as it animates. Wanted to use this as an ai for fedex feeder...

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We have already converted that model over to FSX and P3D standards. You should be able to find it in this thread


But to answer your question. If you want to do the conversion yourself (as a learning exercise) then you will need to isolate the flap part, export it to a modelling tool (FSDS, GMAX etc) re-create the animation so that it is correct and then re-attach it to the converted model.

Thank you Gavinc....Will have a look....Think I will pass on the conversion technigue :) Now for a DA Question. The model folders are called (1)HTAI C208b CP_P3Dv4 etc on the converted folders and the original was called model and model.cp. Do I need to change the model name for a cp to HTAI C208b CP_P3Dv4 in the aircraft cfg for all 256 textures...whew.

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The aircraft.cfg file reads the names of the folders. The model.cfg file inside those model folders reads the file names inside each folder.

If the aircraft.cfg file contains the line:


then FS looks for a folder named


If the cfg file contains the line:


then FS looks for a folder named


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