P3D v4 EYKA- Kaunas International Airport, Lithuania

Hello. I will try to make the video whenever I'll find some free time. And I won't be using MCX. I would be importing models to max, applying textures, exporting, .x files, converting to mdl, and then .bgl, I'm also going to convert textures manually using the ImageTool.exe.
That's ok. As long as people would know how to create the PBR materials and texture, it will be useful for every scenery designer :).
That is very useful, thanks for posting it here!

All though I’ll show ye a very hacky method to generate the maps. Anyway, I don’t know when it’s going to be out. Probably during the next week.
Uhm. I was thinking about updating the asphalt textures, snow and rain ones completely. Tell me your thoughts on this revamp.
Here are a few renders of the surrounding buildings of EYKA. These include some random houses, that I honestly have no idea what are for, some super old hangars, one for car parking and the other one is for the big cargo company building. I didn't make them super high quality or used very good textures, because nobody is going to look at them :)