P3D v4 EYPA - Palanga Intl.

After visiting the airport as a visitor (treated like a VIP by the staff), I started up photoshop on my laptop here to do some textures from my photos (330+ of them), and one of them exceeds the size of 10K LOL! Of course, I’ll resize them to 2K or something.
I’m on holidays, by the sea, where PLQ is located, will post some pics when I’m home, on the PC ;)

I’m attaching the most beautiful plane in the world :p


That's sad to hear. As a vRYR pilot I was really looking forward to this one, as Kaunas is a Ryanair base.


Finish that great looking scenery! ;)
I don’t have any plans for it. I’m sorry. If I get my motivation pumped up, I’ll have to visit Kaunas, just like Palanga.

PS. I guarantee that I will get my motivation back up, right after I fly from EYKA, IRL.