EZ-Landclass 3.00 Beta

The beta version of EZ-Landclass 3.00 is now available if anyone wants to try it out. It's very similar to previous versions, except it can now be used with FSX. It's only been tested by myself, so if you find any bugs in the program or documentation, let me know via this thread or the email address in the Readme.

You can download it here : EZ-Landclass 3.00

Once it's stable I'll upload it to the various flight sim libraries.

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Russel Dirks
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I am unable to open the file. Well not unable but I just get an empty excel file. :confused: I just wanted to let you know this.

I've tried to open it with Excel and OpenOffice but I got twice the same result.
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Make sure the security settings in Excel are set to either Medium or Low. If they are set to High, EZLC will not load.
I did already and I still get an empty excel sheet.

EDIT: I got it working. Sorry. :) Had to look better before I posted here. Again, sorry.
I wish the excel sheet cold be marked with the already existing class numbers. Would make my life easier...
Besides from that, it's a great tool!!!
It actually does have that feature. At the bottom you will see a number of tabs. Click on the one that says Landclass and you will see a list of valid landclass numbers.
What I mean, is that when I click import from msfs, I should get the whole excel grid filled up with the already existing values.
I have used it a bit during the weekend, changing waterclass along the coast of Norway. It took much extra work to find out where I was, but the "fly to here" function was neath.
I have seen the waterclass sheet, but that is not what I meant.

Great tool, but unless I'm wrong, there is still room for improvements.
Ok, I see what you mean. I think a lot of people would like to be able to extract landclass numbers from the FSX scenery files, but unfortunately nobody has figured out how to do it. MS seems to be treating that data as proprietary and they're not giving any hints as to how to access it. They've got it pretty locked up.
EZ Landclass 3.00 Beta

I read where you are refering to excel settings. My question is: Are you in XP or Vista? Are you using Excel 2007?

My old office 2000 and XP worked great. No luck on the 2007.
I could, but it would involve writing a whole new program, and I simply don't have the time right now.

If people are having problems with Excel 2007, there are a couple of additional settings that need to be looked after.

Go to Excel Options / Trust Center/ Trust Center Settings ...

- under Add-ins
- uncheck "Require Application Add-ins to be signed by Trusted Publisher"
- uncheck "Disable all Applicaition Add-ins"​

- under Macro Settings
- choose either the second or the fourth option​

- under Message Bar
- choose option #1 "Show the message bar ..."​

Failure to set things as described will prevent EZLC from running.

I'll be adding these to the official docs.


Russel Dirks
Dear friends and fellow designers,

This topic is a bit old but i am quite new in this FS design and development. Always wanted to have such a tool like EZ-Landclass. I have downloaded it and followed all instructions, but when i load EZLC in my excell - next message appears:

Anybody has any idea why? :confused:

Thank you in advance for help ;)

EDIT: Works fine now! Had to reinstall Microsoft Office!
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You probably have your security settings too high. EZ-Landclass uses VBA macros to perform it's functions, so you need to go into the Program Options and make sure macros are enabled, or at least disabled with notification.