P3D v4 Faisalabad International Airport - OPFA

Hello Everyone,

We are currently working on a new project. It's the Faisalabad International Airport (OPFA) in Pakistan. Work has been going on for quite some time and the scenery is more or less complete with some minor tweaking required.

It would feature PBR textures for glass and some other reflective items. Ground Poly is also going to be PBR. Other features would include SODE jetways, SODE controlled Windsock, Crisp looking 2K textures among other features. This region is usually neglected in the sim world and we are working hard to change this and keep our addons up to date with the latest bells and whistles.

I'm currently expecting a release within a month if everything goes to plan. It will be available only for P3D v4.4. Enjoy some previews in the meantime.


Overview of the apron and terminal building


PBR showing its magic in the metal railings


PBR Glass effect with real-time reflections

Hope you enjoy the work
Some More Previews.

I was amazed by this aircraft reflection in the PBR glass. However, it seems like currently it's only working with AI-traffic at specific angles/distance (it could be my settings though). Maybe it's something that'll be improved in next versions of P3D.