FSX Falcon 20E virtual cockpit

I suppose it will be for the Falcon 20E you annonced in another thread in May.
Could you give us a status of your project ?

I will be so happy to see this bird in FSX/P3D

Thank for her...

The exterior is done for FSX and P3D v4. But it is a low poly model, perhaps I will redo it later. Flight dynamics are not finished, but it is working ok. Geometry and all numbers are from real data. Engine tables need tuning Textures need to be improved, but the basic white kit is near completion.

The VC geometry is almost done. Mapping and texturing is a work in progress. The gauges will be 2d xml mapped to geometry. No gauges are finalized, but the default c208 cab will serve as a starting point for sample code.

This is still a learning project, and the main goal is to get a grip on the complete process. If hope to be ready during Q1 2018. Dastro23 has offered to help with the textures, and as soon mapping and the templates are ready he will have a look.

Merry Christmas to you all!

Thank you very much for your report.
Unfortunatly, I am a complete ignorant in this matter and can't offer any help :(

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.