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fault finder errors and land class question

Orbx SoCal

As I develop some facility with ADE, I've been revamping a nominal version of one of my favorite RW airports, Santa Paula CA KSZP. The attached CSV file details the errors found by fault finder tool. I'm not sure what they mean and how to go about rectifying them. I have searched the online help but I couldn't find anything to help me. Can you explain a little more what they mean and what the remedies are?
On the orphan links, what does "This link is not connected to the network." mean? What network? On the unconnected parking errors, to me it looks like the parking spots are connected to the apron links. Should I be using taxi links rather than apron links? I don't understand the difference. The open link error sounds self explanatory but how can I locate or look for PATH[19>39] for example? Is there a way to highlight it so I can look for open links?

The second question is, on the overhead view screenshot, how do I make the terrain under the off airport buildings circled in red look uniform? It looks very weird with the T shaped green grass running thru the surrounding desert texture?

Thanks for the great program and for any help provided.

Best Regards,


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what does "This link is not connected to the network." mean? What network?

The taxi way network. Without checking the code this probably means that the link is not attached to any other links but it is a long time since this code was written

If you click an entry in the faults list then ADE should select the relevant item and center on it


In this example it is clear there is no link from the parking spot to other nearby links (network)

Thanks Scruffy. With better understanding I cleared the faults one by one. My little airport came out great!