P3D v4 Fayence/Tourrettes Airfield - LFMF (France)

Hello !

I just released this little airfield who is actually the first European Gliding club this evening, i’m working on it since months and months and I would like to thank’s everyone that helped me on this project ... i develop sceneries since more than 4 years now and this forum was very, very helpful for me since the beginning !

Too much IFR flight and internationals airports in our simulators ... it’s time for VFR flights and gliding :cool:

Here is the link on simmarket,


Thank you again, I hope that you will enjoy flying over Fayence as I took pleasure to create this scenery !

Alexandre.B - Vario Design
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It is !
I use to go and practice gliding over there, the general atmosphere is just crazy and I really enjoy this Airfield, the location is very nice too.
Hello !

I’m just back from a morning flight around Fayence, not too much snow for the moment but bad weather, winter is coming !

Screen took with ORBX Global and an old friend ... Fsx ! (I was doing some compatibility tests, everything looks good !)

Thank´s a lot for your great feedback that I get everywhere, it's very encouraging and motivating for the future!

Excellent flights to everyone ;)
Hey guys !

I just uploaded an update for Fayence LFMF Airfield scenery which is now available via this link : https://www.vario-design.com/fayence-lfmf?lang=en

Added lots of features but especially lots of vegetation that are making the scenery much more like a ‘living’ and complete Airfield thanks to you guys !

I really like this rendering, and it is looking smooth, not like if I added big green squares on my photoground even from a higher altitude,

I was also working on a Freeware add-on to work with this Payware airfield and which include the whole local Area with a natural integration of the airfield, It is available for free here : https://www.vario-design.com/local-fayence?lang=en (Still possible to install it without the Payware but you won't have the Airfield)
Basically it is just an high resolution Photoground with OpenStreetMap Autogen but it is definitively doing the job,

Thank's again for your help and have a nice flight in Fayence !
I just got this one and the Valberg altisurface. Fun flight between them.

I like it! I'd like to see higher quality static aircraft (gliders are quite good) but your buildings are really nice. Good stuff here. Definately worth the price, especially while it is on sale.
Hello !

This was actually so pleasant to read, thank you very much ! Always nice to see my job appreciated by others !

Static airplanes are all from default P3D libraries but i’ll also like to see some high quality planes over both sceneries.
It will definitely be an update if I have enough time to work on them because there’s too much Piper J3 parked right now :D

Thank you again !
I hope to, Corsica seems to be a really interesting place that hasn’t been used a lot, airports like Propriano looks amazing tho !
Piper Wolfgang made some crazy stuff for Static Glider, look a this !

Capture d’écran 2019-03-21 à 18.00.28.png

And I can even retexture it to Fayence knew glider, the only thing is that it is a freeware pack, If I want them to be included in the Payware scenery I'll have to contact Piper but I would still be able to add them onto the freeware Fayence Local extension pack with the photorealistic ground and autogen. I'll try to contact him!

And I you guys have some ideas about where I could find some Cessna/Piper like VFR static planes model keep me updated, I'll love to add them onto Fayence Grass !
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