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Hello friends, this is my first post, I am making my first project for fsx using ADE 1.76. I am using P3d V4 SDK. The problem is my airport complied perfectly, but fence is not appearing around airport. I used " Large boundary fence" from the menu. Please help out.
The only fences recognised by FSX and P3D are the 2 types with "5 Metre Chain Link" in their titles. Change your fence to one of these and see if it appears.

See section 6.3.2 of the manual.
Have you got an Airport_Flatten in your scenery? Because Fences appear at Airport-Level. If Fences are outside of Airport_Flatten, they will be somewhere in the air or under the ground.

A good tool for defining fences is from Don Grovestine it is called: FenceBuilder Pro, but it is payware, so check on the Internet for Sale Points. It is a very valuable and excellent tool!

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That looks ok so far, but one thing which suprises me a bit is: You are using ADE for developing for Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX, but you are talking about P3D V4 SDK? Thats more than strange to me! Either you create an Airport for FSX and than you should use FSX SDK or you develop for Prepar3D V4 and that should be reflected in ADE. Very cumbersome to me!


I am using Prepar 3D SDK for fsx Accereltion version. This is nice SDK and working perfectly for fsx. But I don't know fence is not appearing
When you start ADE you will get a selection Dialog, where you specify for which FSim you are going to develop:

ADE Start Option.jpg

Select the one you are developing for. In the "Settings" --> Option Dialog, you specify the Location where your relevant SDK is located! Thats it clean and clear!

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If you are developing for MS FSX you should either use MS FSX SDK or Prepar3D V1.4 SDK but surely not Prepa3D V4.2 or any Version 4 SDK. Download the Prepar3D V1.4 SDK as suggested by Gary and you will be fine!


By the way, the relevant Microsoft FSX Acceleration (MS FS SP2) SDK is available from here:


or from here:

https://flyawaysimulation.com/downloads/files/2799/microsoft-flight-simulator-x-sdk-sp2/ (Takes a Long time!)

There are other sites which have this SDK, search on the Internet.

To be sure that you dont have compatability issues, allways use the relevant SDK -Version! Otherwise you will run into Troubles!



I think, switching to Prepar3D V1.4 SDK is main reason to success. I am using FSX Acceleration (DVD)
As indicated above, FSX SDK requirements are met with full compatibility by use of the P3Dv1.4x SDK.

NOTE: FSX RTM SDK is on the FSX Deluxe DVD, and SP1 SDK and a special 'slip-streamed' version of SP2 SDK for Acceleration is on the Acceleration DVD.

In the event that you ever wish to install those DVD SDK versions, please see: :pushpin:



AFAIK, you should not use a "stand-alone" downloadable FSX SP2 update, or SP2 SDK which applies only to FSX 'Standard / Deluxe' ...not Acceleration :alert:

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