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FGCom-mumble radio sim via SimConnect

Hello everybody,

before asking my question, please let me introduce my topic a little.

The upcoming release of the mumble 1.4.0 VOIP software will (most probably) include a new plugin-framework.

I developed such a plugin featuring simulation of radio comms. In essence it allows everyone to stay in the same mumble channel and get separatet locally and by frequency (simulation of a continuous radiowave spectrum). Signal degadation is simulated too, so there is static on the signal, eventually fading into white noise and getting cut off from the suqelch.
The project is hosted at https://github.com/hbeni/fgcom-mumble.

Recently, i wanted to add SimConnect support, so it's usable by not only FlightGear (and ATC-tools) but also mainly MSFS2020.
FGCom-mumble has a java RadioGUI that can hook into the mumble plugin to provide location and radio information; and the RadioGUI can also act as a bridge between the plugin and SimConnect.
The code in question is here: https://github.com/hbeni/fgcom-mumb...java/hbeni/fgcom_mumble/SimConnectBridge.java

A built of the RadioGUI is enough to test this: https://github.com/hbeni/fgcom-mumb...radioGUI-0.10.0-jar-with-dependencies.jar.zip
Just run the Jar, go to the Options and set up the SimConnect parameters, then hit the Simconnect option from the Main menu bar.
It should activate the bridge, connect to the SimConnect port and mirror the read data in the radios and location information.
You can disregard the "connect" button in the lower left, as that is used to connect the RadioGUI to the mumble plugin (but as said, that's not necceesary to test this).

Ok, here is the question:
:whiteflag The problem i currently face is that it can not connect - and i neither know why or am able to test it (no MSFS2020 here, just got a test report from someone else).
❓I hope that maybe some java literate SimConnect here can help me get this started...
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Hi...I as of late reworked the radio model to be object oriented, so now we can trade/add models without any problem. I accepted the open door and added an extremely essential HF and UHF reproduction notwithstanding the just ported VHF model. So now we would now be able to tune HF frequencies and prattle into the great beyond.

pcb assembly quote
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Hello - sure you picked the right thread?
FGCom-mumble has HF and UHF (and an object oriented radio model too) since Release 0.4.0 from August 2020, and I'm pretty sure i did that myself.
And how does your answer relate to my SimConnect compatibility question?
OK, i got an update.
With alternate code i can now connect and read data successfully.

However i still have a little problem:
  • Frequency is updated on change, but either I interpret the data incorrectly or simconnect gets garbage:
    • tuning 124.85 yields "9349.0"
    • tuning 128.50 yields "10320.0"
  • com1_ptt is always "1"
  • com2_ptt is always "0"
  • com1_state is always "0"
  • com2_state is always "0"

This is my data definiton:
// Set up the data definition, but do not yet do anything with it
        sc.addToDataDefinition(DATA_DEFINE_ID.DEFINITION_1, "ATC ID", null,
        sc.addToDataDefinition(DATA_DEFINE_ID.DEFINITION_1, "Plane Latitude",
                        "degrees", SimConnectDataType.FLOAT64);
        sc.addToDataDefinition(DATA_DEFINE_ID.DEFINITION_1, "Plane Longitude",
                        "degrees", SimConnectDataType.FLOAT64);
        sc.addToDataDefinition(DATA_DEFINE_ID.DEFINITION_1, "Plane ALT ABOVE GROUND",
                        "feet", SimConnectDataType.FLOAT64);
                        "Frequency BCD16", SimConnectDataType.FLOAT64);
                        "Frequency BCD16", SimConnectDataType.FLOAT64);
        sc.addToDataDefinition(DATA_DEFINE_ID.DEFINITION_1, "COM TRANSMIT:1",
                        "Bool", SimConnectDataType.INT32);
        sc.addToDataDefinition(DATA_DEFINE_ID.DEFINITION_1, "COM TRANSMIT:2",
                        "Bool", SimConnectDataType.INT32);
        sc.addToDataDefinition(DATA_DEFINE_ID.DEFINITION_1, "COM STATUS:1",
                        "Enum", SimConnectDataType.INT32);
        sc.addToDataDefinition(DATA_DEFINE_ID.DEFINITION_1, "COM STATUS:2",
                        "Enum", SimConnectDataType.INT32);

And this is how i process it:
String callsign   = e.getDataString256();
            double lat        = e.getDataFloat64();
            double lon        = e.getDataFloat64();
            double alt        = e.getDataFloat64();
            double com1_frq   = e.getDataFloat64();
            double com2_frq   = e.getDataFloat64();
            int    com1_ptt   = e.getDataInt32();
            int    com2_ptt   = e.getDataInt32();
            int    com1_state = e.getDataInt32();
            int    com2_state = e.getDataInt32();

Edit: i learned from https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/simconnect-bcd16-and-bco16.449792/
that the frequencies are integer values. Those need to be converted to Hexadecimal and prefixed with a "1", so:
int(9349) = hex(2485) => prefixed(12485) => decimal added is final result: 124.85

This leaves me to the PTT and state issue :)
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