FSXA [Fictional] South Ataria Island

Working on the starboard hangar, this is gonna be the launch system I'm don't know if i can use some kind of conditional animation to raise the blast shield when the airplane is on the right opistion, I think with the FS9 tools can be done.
As far as I know for FS9, you can do that :
- for user flyable aircraft only by using a BoundingBox in the scenery BGL to check if user aircraft is inside. This doesn't work for AI aircraft. This is the simpliest way.
- for scenery animation (that loops every 56 seconds, unless you figured out how to lengthen animation - I gave up back then). Scenery animations (like windsosk) doesn't care about user aircraft and AI ones. That way, user flyable aircraft and AI should not interact with the launch ramp.
- for user flyable and AI aircraft if you know everything about DLL Modules creation, like FSUIPC. A module can be programmed to locate user and AI planes, then trigger a variable change monitored by a scenery to play a specific animation. That's the hardest way to go.
- for user flyable aircraft only by using a Gauge that monitors user aircraft position and altitude, to be compared with the location and altitude of the take off ramp. That gauge will trigger a variable change monitored by the scenery to play the animation. That's the scaled down version of the module above when - like me - you don't have a clue what memory addresses are used by FS and how to access them through a DLL. Of course, it's pointless since the bounding box version above works well and doesn't need any gauge. The advantage of the gauge above the bounding box is the ability to display custom instruments datas in the cockpit and control aircraft take off roll speed.

However, getting them animated is a nice eye candy, but to be honest, going deep in DLL or Gauge coding to enable the feature for AI is... just insane. Most users won't notice the amount of developpement involved behind, and a few will even fail to correctly install the DLL (without noticing the lack of the animation)

All I can say is the bounding box is OK for me, but good luck if you wanna go further... (I, personnaly, wouldn't)
Thanks for the info, there is A LOT of material to study and a lot of options too :)
After some consideration I merge the two hangar and made a big space inside of the ship so now you can go from one to another and have a lot of space to see aircrafts and other mechas (Destroids)


Awesome work and don't let anyone disrupt your creative way of thinking and/or doing non conventional stuff. Non linear thinking is the only way
to get something new. Congratulations, young man.

Kindest regards,

Posdata: Eso al menos merece un asadito con un buen vino rojo, tierno y frutal. Adoro la comida de tu país!
Gerli, whenever someone might be bored because of flightsim - he should take a look at your outstanding work! What a nice idea to use this platform for this kind of theme.
It's great when we can combine the things we love.... I don't have the money to buy plastic kits from the TV series so this is the way I find to "Play" with these amazing airplanes. Hope you guys can enjoy too when it's finish :)
I had a thought about that ages ago, thinking that although plastic model kits can be great, digital models of aircraft, cars, Robotech vehicles etc are like the new plastic model kits. Of course they're different and some traditionalists or hobbyists might roll their eyes in disgust at the notion, but collecting plastic models or collecting digital models are very similar pastimes. You can't hold a digital model in your hand, but then, you can't get in to the virtual cockpit of a plastic model kit and see what it is like to fly it. I don't think that digital models are a replacement for plastic models, but just saying that collectors of both have very similar hobbies.

Gerli you are taking it to an even greater level by creating your own unique models.

Working in the Grey-Boxing of the Prometheus Carrier interiors
There are two decks for Aircrafts and one very big space for the big robots, but the player can't taxi where the robots are, they are decoration only.
Making the elevator works.... that's a whole different story trought....

I remade the entire island, it was too big.
The new terrain is made from scratch in Photoshop. I took some aerial imagery from the coast of the patagonia and some from Pearl Harbour and made a "collage" with the new shape.
Still working on the blending of the city and the surroundings, but looks nice.

How do you make an Island ? I want to make my own private custom island.

It looks awesome btw :)
I don't know if the way I doit was the most eficient one... but here we go:

-First I used SBuilderX to take a big square photo of sea from the zone of the pacific where I want to put my island (There is a small island there, but it was too small)
-When I have the image (a BMP of the zone) I fired up Photoshop and made the island there using pieces from Google Earth (harbour from pearlHarbour, Coast from Patagonia, City Blocks from NewYork, etc)
-When the collage was complete I saved the new BMP over the old one and made the BGL on SbuilderX
-Then I added the blend mask so only the terrain is show in FSX
-After all the old island still was under the photorreal scenery, so using SbuilderX I exclude all the water polys and redraw new ones based on the new coastilnes.
-the next step is the terrain, bot I'm having a lot of troubles with it. I made a Grayscale 16bit Tiff with te terrain elevation and made a INF file with the geodata from Sbuilder. Then I added the extra data for the resampler and... this thing happens:

None of the mountains/hills are showing and the harbour is a mess....Something must be wrong with my INF file or maybe my TIFF image

Type                = TIFF
Layer               = Elevation
SourceDir           = "SourceData"
SourceFile          = "SAMesh.tif"
ulyMap =  24.2519730337073
ulxMap =  141.443481445312
xDim =  5.36441802978886E-06
yDim =  4.89164669792584E-06

DestDir             = "Output"
DestBaseFileName    = "SAMesh"
DestFileType        = BGL
LOD                 = Auto
FractionBits = 15
BaseValue = 10