FSXA final stage of mission and need advice please


Note I am not using the Race plugins.
I have a working version of the Golden Orb, Qualifying run and the first race is just behind it.
I just realized I messed up the timer sequence. You start your run after you pick the aircraft u will fly.
You follow the Baron to the First gate. As you fly through the First gate Your Timer starts and it used to end when you parked at the Winners Circle.

I just ran the Qualifying run and the timer did not stop. And I can't remember how I got it to stop.
Please. may I get some help and a how to?

I did at one point start to create a package to deploy. It was at this point I realized I had models and graphics scattered everywhere. Then the install was 1.3gig. I messed things up by moving files and just got it working with out any errors. SO 2 things.
1. ways to stop a timer that is displayed
2. is there a easier way to create a deployment package?

I use win7 ADE, FSAddon, FSXA. DXTBmp, GTX, Gimp massive, Paint.net, MeshConvert, 3D Object Converter 6.30, 3DCrafter 9, audacity, DeleD CE, IrfanView, Mender, TXT_to_MP3, Milkshake, Wings, and more.

Many thanks for viewing,
Gosh and I am still working on it. 5 races now, only one issue left how to get the on screen timer that starts at gate one to put it's ending time in the profile! 4 years and still have not found the answer.
Any suggestions?