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FS2004 Find / Collect Airports Problem

I installed AIFP 3.2.08 and decided to build a clean new environment.
So I deleted all files in my folder and started with only the files supplied with 3.2.08.

I clicked "Airports - Find/collect Airports": (AIFP2.jpg)

Got this: (AIFP3.jpg)

and by continueing: (AIFP4.jpg)

AIFP is scanning, but does not come to an end (task manager shows no use of cpu)


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I have found that some addon airports will cause the Collecting Addon Airports search to hang. Since AIFP does not display the current airport being collected and thus I don't know which one it is, I don't bother doing that anymore and I leave Use Add-on Airport Data unchecked to avoid this.


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I installed AIFP 3.2.08 and decided to build a clean new environment
Guenther, you've got to stop trying to find ways to defeat AIFP and concentrate on enjoying it instead ;)

This issue has nothing to do with starting with a "clean new environment". Rather, it is due to an unintentional assumption in the code that FSX or P3D is always present. It will only occur on a FS9-only system and would have occurred whether or not you started afresh. It was introduced several general releases ago along with P3Dv3 (yes, "3") compatibility. (I knew that error message would come in handy someday.)

In general, once you experience an exception - as you did in your second screenshot - there is little point in continuing - even if the system gives you a choice.

New release later today.

I have found that some addon airports will cause the Collecting Addon Airports search to hang.
Tom, is there any further explanatory information you can give me? Since AIFP allows you to search add-on airports by individual folder, it should be possible to identify which add-on airport it is by process of elimination.



Resource contributor

I just did an airport collection and I do not get a hang with my current airport addons and the current version of AIFP. I have had this problem in the past and was just warning that it might still be possible. Sorry to give you the impression that this is a current problem on my machine - mea culpa. I should have tried it first and then said "did cause" and not "will cause". Note that I do have FSX on this machine as well, so my machine is not the same as Guenther's with only FS9 installed.

Another thing to mention is that the addon airport collection can take a long time if you have a lot of airports, so be patient. I have 1800 and it took several minutes the first time. It's much faster after that.

That said, it appears that Guenther probably has other problems as evidenced by his images of other error messages, and I'm glad to hear you are fixing that. Hopefully that will eliminate his hang as well.
3.2.08(a) works a little further. It lists all files. But if I click on "use selected", I get this:

path has invalid format (?)


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Guenther, you can do better than this. There are probably 100 instances in AIFP where one would click "Use Selected". I need to know what you were doing at the time and how you got there. A screenshot of the situation immediately prior to getting the error message would also be helpful.

Hi Don, I assumed you would know I repeated same step as before to collect airports.
In between 3.2.08(b):
1. Click "Airports - Find/Collect airports"
2. Window Collect Airort Data:
check "Addon airports" button
check "selecting with "scenery library"
check "Fs9" box
click "All (other) Addon Airports" ... AIPF is working - new Window: "Choose Add-on Folders" is filled.
click "select all active Titles"
click "use Selected/Checked"

and the error occurs:


Resource contributor
Thanks for the additional information, Guenther. I am now able to reproduce the problem. (I would note, however, I could not have inferred any of the steps beyond the header for Step 2 from the earlier information. It is important when you report an issue that you give me full context.)

Much better, congrats!
I need further tests, because I forgot to activate all my scenery (about 1300 layers).
(My last flight today needed only some European countries active.)

But no crash till now
No more crash with a test of all my sceneries.
Tomorrow I will test some traffic files with "Traffic and Parking Analizer".

Thanks Don

P.S. I read about bush fires in British Columbia. Do you have problems with them?
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Hi Don,
when I find collect airports, I get a large list of "more than once airports" (more than 500).
The reason is my scenery structure.
I have very often subfolders of scenery folders to keep backups or test versions.
The are called "backup", "not in use" inactive" or whats ever...
It is very convenient to push bgls to and from these subfolders to the scenery folder.
FS9 has no problem with these subfolders and ignores them. Please ignore them too. ;)

The next problem:
If I open any of my traffic files and click "Bulk... - Traffic and Parking Analyser" the button "Analyse Parking" is greyed (an airport is selected ofcourse).
All other buttons work (Time Table, Operations, Aircraft Utilisation).


Resource contributor

If the airport has no parking, the button will be greyed out. Also, if it is an addon airport and its location has not been identified, the button will not light up.
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Hi Tom,
the airports have parkings (AIFP is able to list them) and why is the location not identified if if had collected airports?


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FS9 has no problem with these subfolders and ignores them. Please ignore them too.
AIFP offers you a full range of options for selecting which folders contain add-on airports of interest. I have no idea what your scenery structure looks like. If you would care to describe it in detail, with screenshots, I'm happy to take a look at it to see if AIFP is doing something not intended. But, I am not prepared to cater to custom folder configurations simply because the existing operation is inconvenient.

If I open any of my traffic files and click "Bulk... - Traffic and Parking Analyser" the button "Analyse Parking" is greyed (an airport is selected ofcourse).
Guenther, as I urged you in an earlier post above, I need context when you report a problem. A statement stating simply that something doesn't work is seldom helpful. In this case, the basic operation of the T&PA has not changed in several releases. I appreciate you have been off-line for a while but, if this were a general problem, I would expect someone else would have discovered and reported it by now (in which case it would have been fixed). Since that doesn't seem to be the case, you should consider that whatever is/is not happening is due to a local situation and volunteer whatever information I could reasonably need to experience the same problem. That would include one or more screenshots as necessary to illustrate the problem and some history of how you got into that situation. Without that sort of information, I have no idea even where to start looking.

Here is one example of what I called "subfolder"


These subfolders contain sometimes an AFcad bgl.
So AIFP doesn't collect these aiports. AIFP lists them as "more than once".