P3D v4 finding the correct elevation for the points can be tricky

even if the terrain does not have complicated terrain, finding thecorrect elevation for points takes too much time(and not the fact that you can do it), maybe there is a way to facilitate this search?:teacher:
the best option is to compare the mesh with flattened from in real time at 3D :p
it's possible?
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IIUC, you are attempting to "blend" the 'flat' and level central airport boundary flatten into surrounding terrain with variable elevation.

The process of live FS Lat, Lon, Alt data logging into SBuilderX via FSUIPC is discussed in a number of threads:

Regarding the FinneyGround Crosshairs Plus (aka "CH+") user aircraft for scenery development, see:

PS: Be certain that you have installed, the most current proper build of FSUIPC required for the version of FS you are using,:


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I can see (at least) two issues. I would take ADE first to bring the airport to a sufficient level that would be either it's official elevation or, in case you have charts, the average of both runway end's elevation. You would need a flatten poly and one that excludes the default airport background. If your are lucky that's it. Alternatively you might check the elevation of the surrounding landscape right at all four corners of the airport flatten and could decide how to flatten it depending on the result.

The second issue seems to be the coast line. It looks as if your coast line doesn't match the photo scenery, and I missed a proper flatten poly for the water level.

Hope this helps a bit.
level that would be either it's official elevation or, in case you have charts, the average of both runway end's elevation.
at the moment the elevation is already set correct according to the latest charts(at the highest runway point)

And I think that I correct the ravine using the wonderful terrain sculptor pro tool.

doesn't match the photo scenery,
yes, it looks like it is, tell me please, which photo scenary you used?
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In the above picture it is Google_api3_Satellite (which is sometimes even different to its own vector based ones). I don't produce photo scenery normally, and if so just for my own use. It's usually my ADE background reference. However, I've just checked ArcGisImagery and VirtualEarth with similar results, but there are differences to Google_api3_Water, ThunderForestLandscape and a cached version of OpenStreetMap (see picture) that unfortunately doesn't work anymore (why ever).