FSX First Model for First Airport

Dear Friends,

I made a simple box with some customized textures in FSDSv3.5.1. I want to load that model in my airport using ADE. In FSDS, First , I exported object as Building.bgl and Building.mdl. Then, I opened LiberaycreatorXML to make XML project for my FSX Acceleration. Actually, my question is how I add my model in ADE library list to place as per my desired location. Plz guide.
First you have to add your model to your airport project. In ADE click on Lists then Models. At the bottom click on Add. Navigate to the location of your model select it, give it a name and comment if you want and click Save. Now your model is added to your airport project. Now you can place it by right clicking on the location, go to Add, then to Model and select from your model list. Don't forget to save your project, compile your airport, and place the model's texture(s) in the texture folder that coincides with the airport scenery folder. I you made a library object bgl then the process is slightly different. In ADE click on Tools, then Library Object Manager. At the bottom click on Add File. Navigate to your library object bgl, select it, then after ADE searches the bgl click on Ok then Save. Once you have added the library object bgl to your ADE then right click on the location, click Add then Library Object, Select your library bgl, then the object that you want to place. Finally click Add. As before your texture(s) need to be in the texture folder that coincides with the scenery folder that contains your airport.
Hi edphipps,

Thanks for your guidance. I tried to do all steps which you mentioned but couldn't success. It came to my notice, FSDS is not creating model due to some reasons. I am attaching some pixs for better understanding.

Pic-1: I am exporting object as a building . bgl and building.mdl as well.
Pic-2 : Some error appears due to some log file missing.
Pic-3: After closing above error window, FSDS shows creation completed.
pic-4: Once I see in my desired Addon scenery folder, there isn't any file of bgl.


First I will tell you that I don't have and have never used FSDS. So I can't help you with any error messages that you are getting from that application. Sorry. Secondly you have FSX loaded into the default location which is under Program Files (x86). User Access Control(UAC) is very sensitive to any changes you make to Program Files (x86) or any subfolder. It could be blocking FSDS from writing the building.bgl file into the scenery folder. Thirdly this may not be an issue but you have two scenery folders under your OPKD folder and you only need one. If you actually had bgl files in both of them I don't know how FSX would react to that. Ok let's get back to getting your scenery object into FSX. My advice is to take small steps. Let's get the building.mdl into FSX first and then when your ready you can move on to object libraries. Follow the steps I've listed above to add the building.mdl to your ADE project and then place it. You can get more information about this from the ADE 1.65 manual in Chapter 10.3 on page 155. I highly recommend that you read this before trying to add the model to your project. Lastly remember to place your texure(s) into the OPKD/texture folder.