P3D v4 First time Scenario building.. Sound issue

Hi all

I've been searching for this issue but cannot seem to find any reference to the problem and have posted this same question at LP with no help.
Let me start by saying that I'm new to using Simdirector and mission building in general. There is no question that there is a lot to learn.

What I'm trying to accomplish is to create a generic mission that can be build on using the ability of the P3D sims avatars.
Creating a mission that will allow a player to virtually use any aircraft sitting on the ramp.
What I've done is create a test mission in three ways based off this format.

First mission is having the players vehicle as an aircraft. The second test mission is having the player spawn in with the vehicle as a jeep. The third mission is the player spawning in as an avatar.
The main issue that I'm seeing is this. Once I initially spawn in and use the assigned player vehicle everything this works great. However, as soon as I leave and move to any other aircraft within the sim then it seems things begin to happen. The first problem is the sound files are not playing as they should. The only sounds that work are the engine sounds. All other sounds such as cockpit and animation sounds such as flaps speed-brakes, canopy are non existent.

I know its not my setup on the computer as when I spawn in as normal in free flight or any other scenario the sounds work as they should.
First of all is this possible what I'm trying to accomplish?
Second thing is what am I missing?
3. Being new to mission development is there another mission building software that is better then Sim director or are they the same?

Although there is other issues I'm seeing this is the first one I want to address so if anyone could share some light on the subject I will be very grateful. so thanks for your time and knowledge in advance.