Flat turns? Rudder with Zero Roll

You guys, lolol... The Extra 300 does amazing flat turns.

A thousand thanks, BStolle. Such a relief to find what I need. Makes me feel like climbing up on the desk and dancing! Awesome awesome..
I was so happy to find that last night, I was working on it at 5AM this morning still. Couldnt leave it alone.

The 300 is a very wild handling plane. Felt so good doing a flat turn around the airfield in that lifting body plane. Finally.....! It can do what its supposed to do. Skimming sideways along in the air... (Its not supposed to fly sideways all the time, but thats one of its features).
zero yaw moment roll rate; plenty of Cn beta weathervane with a healthy dose of beta side force; very stiff roll stability; and zero roll moment yaw rate;

it will turn; but like Roy said, it will be a cartoon not possible outside of the sim.

In the real world you need a force to turn you. Yaw pushes the tail out away from the turn. Nothing about that creates a force that acts on the flight path in any usable amount of time. We normally borrow some wing lift to turn.

Find a force. Maybe a directional thrust nozzle that points 90 degrees to either side. The left pointing one should be programmed to fire on right rudder and vice versa. That would turn you as you yaw with rudder.
Well, I found a work around for pure flat turns, lolol... I setup autopilot for its defaults when you simply turn it on. I have 'wing level' as part of the default 'system on settings' now, and when you do a turn with AP on, no heading or alt set, just AP on, the wing level system in the sim keeps this baby perfectly level, lololol... Love it.