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flickering apron

I know that this has been discussed lot of times but I'm unable to obtain perfect ground polys using gmax
I've tried in some ways...

- make a simple plane in gmax, convert it to an editable mesh, create a zbias_andsoon material, apply it to the plane, compile and...huston, we have a problem...The result is better than a non zbias-ed plane, but, especially in spot view, it flickers... :scratchch

- FS2k2 style asm tweak...mmmhh..I think my ex-girlfriend has that CDs...and I'm pretty sure they have taken a trip through the window :rolleyes:

- MDLCommander & FS2k4 gamepack: ok, export to mdl scenery, obtain an X File, use MakeMDL from FS2002 MakeMDL SDK (I've selected the scenery type and it asked me for coordinates...I've put the example ones), keep files and get apron.asm & apron_0.asm. BGLC -mdl (or BGLC_9, the result at the end is the same) apron.asm (even without tweaking) and, wow, apron.mdl appairs...Try compiling with a perfect XML file...
ERROR C2014: Failed to load model data in file: apron.mdl
ERROR C2149: Failed to load model data!
ERROR C2340: Failed to finalize MODEL_DATA!
ERROR C2032: XML Parse Error! Element tree follows:

I'm a little bit frustrated...just a little :whiteflag


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When you compile the Fs2002 gamepack ASM files you should not use the -mdl option, these files need to be turned into a BGL file right away. So you can use it directly in FS (that is way you need to enter the coordinates in MakeMDL), the XML file is only used with Fs2004 MDL files.