P3D v4 Flickering GP

I created a new GP, but unfortunatly it is flickering and can only be completely seen from a few hundred feets away.
Any solution?
Are you certain the complete area it covers is flat?

Did you enter same flatten altitude when compiling, to 3 decimal places.

Also, there is not something else altering the altitude there, e.g. orbx vector?
Thanks, I thought I had a flatten polygon applied to the airport. Apparently, it wasnt the case and after I applied a flatten polygon the problem is gone.
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Interesting side note.

MCX warns in red on GPW, 'enter absolute altitude'. I always leave it at zero and never have an issue in p3dv4

IMHO, it is important to clarify what I believe Arno means if he continues to use a term "Absolute" altitude in MCX' GP Wizard: :pushpin:



Got it I think.

It will place it on the ground if left at zero, but earth curve may be wrong. I am working on airport near sea level, so probably not noticing any big difference in earth curve corrections when left at zero.