Flickering Textures Please Help!

Hello. dont know what else to try. All the objects. Specially APRON0006. Boundingbox dont seem perfect. I also modified z-bias with no success.

Argentina scenery done for fsx trying to make it run in p3d. Objects llok good. Only this bgl attached wont fit ok in p3d v4


Open afcad file and draw a flatten polygon. If you already did this, and this is the result, then I don't know what else could be.

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Thank you, when i make de polygon in ADE 175, then i go to COMPILE and my computer crashes. All my system and user has full control, any ideas? afcad attached


your AD4 file does not contain any flatten nor ground polys yet.
Make sure you have a flatten that covers the extension of your ground poly (if you have any but it sure looks that way) as said before.
If you have groundpoly, then use MCX to make them groundpoly for P3Dv4 using the Ground Poly Wizard.


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When I look at your ground polygon model it seems all ground polygons are flat. To have them display correctly in P3D you need to make sure they are curved to follow the earth correctly. The GPW in MCX can do that for you.