Flight Number - Saved Flights

Okay, bit of a random question here. Does anyone know where the flight number is stored in the saved flight (FLT) file? Or more specifically, where on the computer?

I need the ability to have my addon program alter the flight number before starting FSX and thought it would be a simple matter of dumping it into the FLT file. But, I don't see it there. One option would be to simply put it into the aircraft.cfg file of the selected aircraft but, I don't want to go modding that file everytime I start a flight.

I also checked the SimObjects folder where the FSX.cfg file is located. Thought maybe it would be in the state.cfg. Nothing there either.

Anyone? This is very confusing. It has to be somewhere. :confused:


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You can only change it in the aircraft.cfg. AI aircraft have their own flights numer, of course, for they are stored in the flightplan-file of the AI.
BUt! But! But! ;)

When you change the flight number or registration in the select aircraft screen, it has to store it somewhere. And it can't switch the one in the aircraft.cfg everytime because, you can have several saved flights and all of them store the flight number. I'd better keep looking.

It IS in that state.cfg file.

C:\Documents and settings\<Current User>\Application Data\Microsoft\FSX\SimObjects\Bombardier_CRJ_700\state.cfg

Now, I just need the registry path.


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Interesting. Forgot that I used to know that. :eek:

That won't help using it in missions anyway.

What's even more disappointing, it's not possible to let the mission's AI aircraft show the labels of their tail number or flight number.
That won't help using it in missions anyway.QUOTE]

It will in my case. See, I'm using a base, generic saved flight file (FLT) in the mission folder. If I want to change the mission to a different route, all I do is link the FLT to the appropriate flight plan file (PLN), change the aircraft in the FLT and then change the flight number in that state.cfg file.

Since I'm already using the registry to find the path to the My Documents folder, all that's needed to get the other path now is to take the first three sections (Drive\Documents and Settings\User\) and add the rest of the path as a string.

Well, I'm happy anyway. :D