Flight1 acquires ESPv1 Object License


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Hi Tim,

I read the news, but what does this mean? What is the difference with the people who bought ESP before, don't they have the same?


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Unless I've misunderstood, the main difference is that prospective clients for F1 developed projects won't have to license their own, local "seats" (i.e., ESP base platform), but rather F1 is licensed to include the ESP runtimes with their projects.

Since ESP is (or soon will be) unavailable to such clients, this is a way of ensuring that F1 will continue to be able to offer their unique, professional "Serious Simulations" to commercial clients.

I can only guess that other companies who've provided commercial "Serious Simulations" such as RedBird (cockpit trainers) will likewise have to license the ESP runtimes as well if they're to continue as a viable business.

In any case, it has absolutely nothing to do with the entertainment simulations, or the general flightsim community...