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FS2004 FlightPlanWaypointETA

During a flight between San Juan TJSJ and Atlanta KATL I noticed that I lost an hour in my ETA at and after waypoint LASEE . I'm using the FlightPlanWaypointETA code. The clock that the ETA is measured against is using Local time. The local time does not lose an hour throughout the flight. I'm baffled.

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Hmmm. Try changing E:LOCAL TIME to E:ZULU TIME and see if the issue replicates.

For that matter, does the same prob occur if you fly that route at a different time of day (your local time)?
I displayed both Local and Zulu time (The zulu time is the top outside of the screen....(P:ZULU TIME) (P:

No difference between the two. Still after LASEE an hour is lost.The problem is (@c:FlightPlanWaypointETA, hours) .....which I also use for my ETE (ETA minus Local Time) That is buggered too of course.


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Thank you for your replies guys.
Firstly they are fs9gps waypoints albeit updated ones by myself.
Secondly I tried deleting some of the waypoints. At first glance it may look ok but while it takes 9minutes to fly 68.7nm from RENAH to ALUTE it then takes the same 9 minutes to travel some 480 odd nm to CRG.


Thirdly I checked a flight I had done recently UNNT to EDFH (a far longer flight) and the ETA/ETE was perfect.
Puerto Rico is in the Atlantic Standard Time and Atlanta is in the Eastern Daylight Time. If your sim's time is not in Eastern Daylight Time for Atlanta but rather Eastern Standard Time, then Atlanta would be one hour behind San Juan. Or perhaps the sim isn't taking into account daylight savings at all.
Thank you very much everyone for your replies. I think WarpD is closest to the mark but you have all helped to focus my tired mind.

My solution in the end was to substitute FlightPlanWaypointETA with the simple formula of : distance divided by speed plus local time. :laughing:

Worked a treat.