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MSFS flightsimulator.exe and dlls etc WHERE ?

Basically, my question is -- "Where is Flightsimulator.exe" --- as named in Event logs etc, when there is a CTD etc etc.

Back in the days of FSX, it was more obvious. There was a FSX.exe and a mass of dlls -- That was FSX

So for MSFS, where is the actual program. ? Mot seen anyone discuss this on the Internet.

I therefore can only GUESS .. (Not done any serious Windows programming for over a decade !!)

My GUESS, is that all this is heavily encoded somewhere, and only exist as flightsimulator.exe in memory, after some DRM / Copy Protection /Anti Hacking process has determined that the APP can run, and has decoded it and loaded it into memory.

Are these DRM protected files(s) Hidden in some way, so the casual users cannot even see they them there, on their Hard Drive ?
I do not NEED to really know anything about this, just curious.
It is all in a protected folder that you, the owner of the computer, don't have access to.
Nice to know -- thanks ... so then will my backup program Acronis, have access to be able to back it all up every night ??? not that it really matters .. maybe a GOOD thing if it does not get backed up and waste backup space.
One would hope it can always be re-downloaded from the Cloud .. until such a day, that it can't :(
I do now have to wonder how many other "entities" are putting "stuff" on my PC, that I have no know;edge of, cannot see, or cannot manage / delete ?
A scary new World, where the user is completely out of the control loop, and has to TRUST that the Microsofts of this world are not taking advanage of the situation -- at least not at the moment .

hey WarpD -- ever notice how both our Avatars seem to have that same discontented facial expression ? :p
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