P3D v4 Fokker 130


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I just want to show off an project I have in development since October 2016 and WILL be released

It is the Fokker 130 which is based on the real life project https://www.ngaircraft.com/

I have had help with this model by a lot of people and therefore I see it as an project ran by the entire community :)

An Fokker 90 which I made up is also in development (to fill the gap left by the Fokker 70 :p )

Now this will only be an exterior model much like project Airbus and TDS
But never say never to a VC

I already kind off showed this thing off in another thread but it deserves it's own :)

Anyway enjoy the pics





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She's been stripped of her colors as she is getting ready for proper material assignments.
I am however getting errors exporting any model from Blender so I am going to have to reinstall a newer version of Blender and the Toolkit

I am also wondering if anyone has some good landing gear pictures of the Fokker 100 or 70 as I am using those aircraft to base the landing gear on and some other stuff
If you have any pics they are more than welcome :)

Stay tuned :)



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Just a small update.
I am still working on animations :p it is taking ages to make them good.
As you can see only half of the flaps are animated although I am just starting on the right side.
Enjoy the pictures :)




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When will her maiden testflight be? Do we need to reroute traffic around EHAM RW04_22 ??
Looks amazing!

I really hope that NAC will make this beast!
It would be really nice to see this in my hangar.
Keep up the good work! Hard work pays off ;)