P3D v4 Fokker 130

There will be another setback in this project -_-
For some reason my PC wont run P3D anymore no matter what I do, which means I can't test the F130 anymore.
I hope to find a solution but I am not sure when.


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For some reason my PC wont run P3D anymore no matter what I do, which means I can't test the F130 anymore.
I'm missing technical data here Osian like:
1 - What version, make and model of operating system are you running?
2 - What version of Prepar3d are you referring too?
3 - Since which date dit this (not wanting to run P3DVx) running) occurred?

4 - Which error message did you get on screen when starting your PD3Vx? flightsim?
- https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/

5 - Which errors are mentioned in the Windows error logs during . after flightsim refusal to start)
- https://windowsinstructed.com/access-windows-error-logs-windows/
- https://www.digitalmastersmag.com/magazine/tip-of-the-day-how-to-find-crash-logs-on-windows-10/
- https://www.howto-connect.com/event-viewer-on-windows-10/
I've deleted P3D entirely.
I didn't get any error or error logs.
Event viewer didn't help much either also no error. It was P3D V4.3 on Windows 10. And it started to happen since yesterday.


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I've deleted P3D entirely.
Now that is a nice way to get a clean start Osian! I hope for you that a complete re-installation of P3Dv4 will solve this challenge.

TIP-1: Dont forget to run a Windows Registry cleaner before the next P3DV4 re-installation:

TIP-2: Check out the online P3D forums over here, so see if others also ran into the same troubles (and their solutions of course):
Btw I recall the fokker 100 being aquiped with 2 types of main-exits. One featured the stairs as you modelled them above and one was a regular airliner main-door, you gonna jnclude both?
Wow I just read this question from a year ago :p anyway I am planning both types of exits but first to release is the built-in stairs version.
Just wanting to let everyone know that the project is still on going, just life has been extremely busy lately.
I just cannot find the time to work on her comfortably.

When I model I have to get into the flow and then I get stuff done, but recently I haven't been able to sit down and get into the flow enough.
So that...

I hope to release her someday but still haven't got a clue when that is :p