Fokker D.21 fighter for FSX


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Released tonight on Avsim, SOH, Flightsim and Simviation. I don't know if it's immediately available though.
Mr. Daan!

How do we know if we are downloading your plane? Do you use the same user name on those sites?

Ok, I found it on Simviation. I could not find it on Flightsim.

Thanks, Kris:)
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Ahh....the Romance...

This is excellent!

This must receive nomination as not only the best freeware aircraft of the year, but the most significant FSX release of the year as well!

And I am most tickled with the included soundset, manual, and the really nice FDE and programming!

- Joseph


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Thanks for the kind comments guys, feels really good! I hope you'll have fun ;)

The FDE was, and still is, a challenge for me. I know there are inaccuracies, so possibly I'll solve it with an update. The CG should be far more forward indeed, among other things.
This is so great!

Congratulations, Daan!

You released the first ever aircraft to be modeled in Blender with Blender2FSX! You don't know what this means to me... Thank you so much for this! And I foresee an update with skinned animations in 2015.;)

Download completed. Off to fly your beautiful creation now... See ya :)