Fokker T.5 bomber for FSX


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Hi all,

There it is, the new thread for the Fokker T.5 bomber for FSX. Hope you enjoy!
First project goal is to get the external model finished before May 2015.

Remember that I don't forget the D.21, it is almost there!


Edit: thanks to all those who have helped me out with data and photographs!


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Thanks for liking :D

I made a bit more progress than expected, so another shot tonight:

The front section (posted in first post) was metal-built (like we today build airplanes), the middle section was wood-built and the tail section was a conventional steel-tube truss with fabric covered formers. Wings were also wood. Really mixed structure, but not unusual for Fokker in those days. It was also easier for lower-budget countries to build these planes in license. The Fokker T.9, a straight descendant of the T.5, was the first all-metal Fokker (as far as I know).


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Mr. DutcheeseBlend!

Very nice modeling!!!!!

How are you creating your windows? Are you using the knife tool?

Thanks, Krispy1001 :)


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Thanks guys!

Well, Kris, basically I just added a few loops in the mesh at the window rims (using Ctrl R), rounded the corners and seperated the faces at the window's locations. I gave everything some depth by applying a Solidify Modifier to the fuselage mesh, and also to the window mesh. The fuselage mesh has a thickness of 5 mm (always going inside, so outside shape will remain correct), window thickness 2.5 mm. I split the edges at the fuselage window rims, to prevent incorrect shading and of the window mesh, I removed the outward faces. So the windows lie 2.5mm inside the fuselage. In Solidify, you can (un)check a box Fill Rim, so only the other side of the thick mesh is modelled. This was more useful for the windows. I had to invert the normals direction of the windows by the way.

I could have used Knife, but I'm more used to Loops, subsequently Edge Sliding.

Hope this makes clear. Don't know if it's a pprof modeller's approach, but it works for me.

I'm not really satisfied yet though, because the forward side window should be flat instead of curved. But there are also other things to change, I understood from the experts at the Dutch Aviation Forum ;)


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Thank you Mr. Daan for the modeling tips!

I have never used the Solidify Modifier, I will have to experiment with it.

And awesome modeling! :)

Your Friend, Kris


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You're welcome Kris ;)

Anyway, let me tell you guys the complete outline of this project.
Back in September, I started research for a T.5, whether it should be possible to create one for FSX or not. I got loads of information (but still lacking a lot, as always:D) and decided to continue.
Then I came in touch with mr. Wim Anceaux. He is a relative of W.F. Anceaux, who was the pilot of the T.5 that made a mission to the bridges near Moerdijk and Dordrecht in May 1940, in order to stop the German invasion. The date: 13th of May, 1940. The bombing mission however failed and even the bomber was shot down, killing its entire crew. Actually, they were prepared for this on the airfield, since circumstances were criticial. Another well-known crewmember of this mission is Ben Swagerman. One C-130 Hercules is named after him.

Mr. Wim Anceaux has organised two memorials for this particular crash in the past, but wants to organise a bigger one in May 2015. We had some contact and I came up with the idea to produce a video of the FSX T.5, which should be shown on this memorial (13-5-2015). Since I don't have the smallest experience in this video-producing, I contacted Roel and eventually Jonah (JRSchiphol, YT: He will create the video for the memorial.

To get things done before May, I'll create the exterior model first, also because the VC will take much much much longer time. I'm quite excited about this project and I hope for succes!

Hope I made things clear ;)

Regards, Daan Kaasjager

Edit: this is the website of mr. Anceaux:


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Thanks! It is a big thing indeed, while the D.21 wasn't small either. Remember that the Bristol Mercury's diameter was 1.30 m.

Anyway, I had to correct the windshield and add another window on the sides. There are some pics, of course from Blender :D and one with the mesh. It isn't very neat actually, there's still some improvement left.



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Hi Mr. Daan!

Very, Very Nice modeling as always. And I think that it is a very cool thing that you are doing.

If you need any help on anything let me know.

Your Friend, Kris:)


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Hi everybody,

Did some work tonight: the windscreen should be right, I hope. I made the thing about four times... I also made the cut for the second cockpit/gunner position.

The T.5 had a camera onboard, located in the nose section. It is slightly displaced from the center (as far as I could conclude from photographs) and there's a small window on the left lower cheek. Now both windows are at both sides, because of the use of a Mirror modifier.

I couldn't resist making a shot of the greenhouse from the inside. Some day, this will be the base for a VC in which I'll spend hundreds of hours, I expect. Not a bad job though.

Another fun thing is that the Fokker engineers didn't make rounded corners at the nose glazing, but 45deg rotated square plates. So I did a tedious job in rounding all corners, but it wasn't needed. Fixed that tonight.

Hello Daan,

When I see your work, it makes me want to go back to working on my Phenom 300, which I guess, is some sort of a never ending project :stirthepo You are already on your second aircraft! And what an aircraft! Keep up the good work.:D



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Tonight, I made a basic start of the rear section, which was made of steel tubing trusses, with fabric covered formers and stringers. Typically the mixed construction that Fokker used in those days.

And another shot with a simple start of the wings. I've obtained both airfoil data and wind tunnel test data of a official T.5 model. So that's quite nice :D



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Some further progress.

I eventually remade the entire tail section. It is now right according to pictures, so I started to add the waist windows. Just in front of the right window, there's a door (with built-in stairs!) but not yet added. I'm still working in the Mirror Modifier.

And there's the second pilot/top gunner position. The first pilot sat in the cockpit, the second sat in the bathtube at the back of the airplane, with a sliding roof and hydraulically operated windscreen. His job could be either flying forward or firing backward, he even had two seats.

Though I've recieved bulks of information, bulks of information are still missing either. There are no detail photographs of both the exterior of cockpit section and the roof... Anyway, this causes my model to be not fully accurate...



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Thanks Kris!

I've played a bit more with this bird: I added wings. Since I have both the airfoil data and windtunnel testing report (of a 1:20 model, not 1:1 :D) this was a fairly easy job. I spend some more time on the rounded wingtips, I still find them difficult to model (googling rounded wingtips returns shoes...:confused: ). I did them better than on the D.21 though, IMHO.
Prolly I'll throw the wing geometry through AVL, for fun and maybe it has use... AVL is software for Computational Fluid Dynamics: AVL

Next steps are the engines + nacelles and the vertical stabilizer. The roof hatch has to be redone (according to specialists at the Dutch forum) and I need to add the tail cone turret.



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I use Lofts in gmax and Max to form rounded wingtips: one line defines the outline and one or more define the curved edge profile. I expect Blender has a similar tool?