Fokker T.5 bomber for FSX


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Some progress images.

First is the ammodrum. I provided it with textures.

Overview from the jumpseat next to the pilot. This jumpseat was in use by the commander/navigator/bombardier during take-off and landing.

Thanks to a drawing in the archives, I could create a realistic connection to the antenna. The cylinder brings in the antenna, and connects it to the shortwave radio installation (suspended next to it).

Overview from the very front end. At right, just in front of the rudder pedals, we observe the bombsight. No texture yet. Next to it, the signalling gun.
On the left, we see the bomb doors control lever. According to the documentation, there should have been an emergency valve and pressure vessel above it, but it's left without visual reference. I decided to swap it.

View from the top gunner position on the Lewis gun, mounted on a Vickers turret and provided with an ammodrum.

That's it for now. I've been out of it for a long time, but now up speed. And, I'm running another project besides it: a Fokker S.14 jet trainer (name: Machtrainer).

4yrs of impatient waiting and you show us the wing of another plane, evil, just evil i tell ya! :eek: :D

seriously though, this plane is looking awesome! :)


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It's great to see you back at work in the Fokker T5 hanger again Daan!
Have you found any new resources on this place recently?


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Thank you!

Well, diffuse texturing of the front and mid fuselage sections is finished (IMHO). Now starting modelling of the rear fuselage section. It consisted of a 6 m steel tube frame.

I was lucky enough to obtain a drawing of this frame. Tube dimensions vary from 24x1 mm to 50x1.5 mm.

Around this frame, wooden ribs were placed to get the oval fuselage shape. Through the frame, there was a wooden ramp, used to walk from fore to aft (the tailgunner's position).

Cheers, Daan
It is certainly inspiring that this is a project you started almost 5 years ago now, and work is still being done on it :)

The details look amazing, wish you the best of luck and patience!


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Thanks guys!

It's a very long process. I joked to a friend that this would take five years against 1,5 for the D.21. Never hoped for that but it seems we'll get there.

Just imagine yourself, lying on a few leather cushions, all wood and fabric around you, defending against a flock of fire-spitting Messerschmitts...

Awesome work, Daan.

Amazing to think that back then, state of the art aerospace was cloth, wood, and thin aluminum.