Fokker T.5 bomber for FSX


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Good work, Daan, and I hope you got to see as much as possible on holiday. I went there in 2000 and was utterly fascinated!
It was fantastic Tom! We had the fortune to have a Dutch Jewish guide who told us everything, relating the Bible to the things we saw around.
Most valuable!

Well, in the meanwhile I got underway with my T.5. I feel like I'm pretty much up-to-date with the progress (altough it's entering the sixth year of development now...).
I modelled the radio-operator's gunner position. It also served as an entrance and escape (fuselage door). The lower hatch was hinged upwards for sticking out a gun.



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Hi guys,

I feel a little proud and grateful. I've just finished, say, 98% of the modelling work on the interior. Of the leftover parts, 1% won't ever be modelled (that's the freedom I grant myself) and 1% will most likely be encountered during the upcoming processes.
So, for the moment, the model is 'finished'.

Well, the last things have been done on the interior of the fuselage rear section. I added machine gun posts, ammo drums, some other small stuff and, most interestingly, a 'message gutter'. Apparently, one envisioned the marconist to communicate with the tailgunner using a kind of tube post. I do not have any reference of this in the original manual, nor on photographs (only 11 of the fuselage back interior, most of them in wrecked state). The only reason for me to add this feature, is that I found a drawing in the National Archives of this gutter, complete with suspension and mounting instructions. The gutter ran from just behind the marconist's curtain to the tailgunner.

So, a view to the back, from the marconist's position

View forward, from the tailgunner

Guys, thanks for your attention!

Cheers, Daan


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