FS2004 Following the user acft / bounding box ?

Hi guys !
I'm working on a feature for my future scenery and i try to get an MDL object appearing on the side of the user aircraft (along the taxiway) when it passed near to the object (it means: if the user are at a distance of over 20 m the object is not visible, else it is shown). I think about the "bounding box" feature of CAT but i don't find a similar variable on MDL tweaker. The "distance from eye point" variable doesn't work fine because if i change the view point (from VC to plane spot or tower) the eye point distance change and the object don't show correctly.
Is any chance to get the "bounding box" condition in MDL tweaker too ?
Can i use another way if i want the object "follow the user aircraft" (i mean: i place the same object more and more time along the taxiway but only the object near to the user acft is show due to the "distance from the object / bounding box" condition) ?
Any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance.


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MDLTweaker is no longer developed, so I won't add new features to it. So I guess you have to tweak the ASM code yourself then to add this condition to the object. I can lookup the code that CAT uses when I'm behind my development pc later on.