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MSFS Footprint does not cover extra parts to scenery object

I am creating a scenery object for ALL of the Vancouver Harbor Docks which covers an area of around 150 metres x 100 metres. I created part of this (one out of 3 separate dual docks) and the footprint was really good. I have now added the second dual dock but the footprint does not show this addition. The actual scenery object when viewed in MSFS does show the addition.
I seem to remember that ADE may store/'remember' certain 'things' and to get it to update correctly a particular file(s) can be deleted and will then be recreated automatically.
Could this be the reason? What are the file(s) which can be deleted and will be rebuilt?
Note the images below one from Blender showing all of the docks create so far and one from ADE showing the footprint only of the original part of the dock before I added the second dock. Disregard the diffeernt color in BLender of the second dock as I am experimenting with material types for the surfaces. OR is there a limit to the footprint size?

docks blender before bridge.jpg
docks ade before bridge.jpg
John, delete the _PackageInt and Package folder. It will the recreate and compile all your textures, models etc again
Keep a backup in case…
Thanks Philip. Yes those are the folders. Anyway I removed them (to a backup location) did a build again and updated the library but the footprint remains the same. Strange.

But that isn't the only thing which is strange. I have both 18 and 19 installed but ONLY use 19 all the time.
Two days ago I found that if I didn't copy my scenery object files to the modellib in the 18 installation it did not update in ADE when using 19 - I at first was copying them to the modellib in 19 and wondering why they aere updating.
I posted a new thread 'how to copy projects from 18 to 19 which Jon replied to and I did what he advised AND I also changed the Settings > Options > 'Save projects to' from C:\ADE 2020 Alpha 18\F20 to C:\ADE 2020 Alpha 19\F20 . I have no idea why it would have been set to use 18.
Well now after removing those folders from the 19 installation and doing a rebuild (using 19) the folders did not get re created.
I then removed them from the 18 installation, did a build using 19 and they got replaced. Some how 19 is STILL using the projects in 18. Something in 19 is still pointing to 18.
I cannot work out why.
I can only think to zip up the whole project and send me it in that conversation, otherwise Jon may know an answer to the issue. I won’t be on again until tomorrow.
That's ok Philip. I'll leave it till tomorrow. Maybe I will zip up the entire '19' folder as a backup. Uninstall 19. REinstall 19, Copy my projects from 18 to 19 viz folder CAX3-F20-SDS-v2 and see what happens. My other thought was to backup all of 18, uninstall it, run 19 and see what it complains about (eg missing folder and/or file).
So ADE currently doesn’t “install” (either does 18 for that matter). You just delete the folder. I store my ADE projects in a totally different place - ie. Not in the ADE tree.
I would do this:
1. Copy the ModelLib contents to 19 that you think should be in it as necessary.
2. Move the ADE 18 project(s) to another location (folder/drive or zip it… whatever)
3. Select the _PackageInt and Packages folders before running ADE
4. Check your paths in ADE19
5. Open the project and Build

That should fix it….
Hello Philip
Yes I realise that ADE doesn't get 'installed' even though it has an install .exe ie no registry entries written
I will backup my current 'ADE 19 installation' and then remove the entire folder with its sub folders and 'install' ADE 19 again via the exe and enter all the setup data/paths during installation.
I will then move my ADE 18 projects to a separate 'root' folder - I am assuming that means the folders those in the F20 folder NOT the entire F20 folder. I think that is where I went wromg when I first migrated to ADE 19 (I copied the entire F20 folder across from ADE 18)
NOT sure what you mean in step 3 "Select the _PackageInt and Packages folders before running ADE"
Just unzipped you Tasman Island and note you use the same brown planks as I did for another floating dock I created.
Do I assume correctly to have ADE projects NOT in ADE 19 I set up to have my projects stored at say F:/ADE PROJECTS (root directory no where near ADE 19) AND setting the 'path' in 'save projects to' to F:/ADE PROJECTS. Also wondering if that directory would be better to be F:/F20/ADE PROJECTS. That is all that is required?
All fixed INCLUDING correct footprint of my 'extended' scenery object. I have yet to add my 'girder' bridge between the first and second docks. Then I will add the third and final docks and the 'bridge' from land to docks 1 and 3.
docks correct.jpg