FSX [FOR DELETE] creating/initialize mission with SimConnect

I was going to buy the fsx gold pack (deluxe + acceleration), and I need to create (and converse with) a mission without using any fsx interface but SimConnect (or DOS, in worst case).

I've seen a lot of good possible things with SimConnect, and it looks powerful, but I've never seen a creation/initializing feature by command yet.

Conversing with an fsx mission only by using SimConnect's commands is great, but I also need to create the basic mission and run/initialize it only with SimConnect's command too.

So this is my question : is SimConnect able to create a mission by using commands ? Or is SimConnect ONLY for data exchange between it and fsx, and we have to create the mission by using the fsx editor in game, and run it through the actual game in the first place ?

Because if I'm obliged to use the fsx editor in game to create the basic mission (just a map with some planes initialized at some positions), then fly simulator isn't what I'm looking for :/
I need to do all by using comands (SimConnect or DOS) with no game interface.

Please tell me it is possible :(

PS : sorry for my bad english.