Forced Terrain Focussing

I think that Scenery is an incredibly important factor in FS. Remember that flying intails a travelling adventure, so you are looking around as well as checking instruments and flying.

With that in mind, photo scenery usually has issues with loading tiles or keeping tiles focussed. Its as though the sim stalls and will not maintain or restore focus.

Now, you 'can' use Refresh Scenery to reload all surrounding scenery, but this can take 5 min's.

What would be cool is perhaps a Tile Only Refresh, or better yet, a forced 'focussing' setting in FS that will 'absolutely' keep the tiles beneath you focussed perfectly.

For me, this has always been an issue in simming and has cut alot of the fun out of the adventures. If this could be corrected, I think it would be a cool fix and make FS all the more better of a sim.

Along similar lines to that, I would like to see it load higher mip tiles (if available) if the pilot's view is zoomed in to more distant scenery.

I use ESP for the visualisation for a UAV simulator and pan and zoom a VC camera to simulate a high-powered electro-optical camera. Unfortunately the view system is entirely pilot-centric, so terrain image mips are loaded based upon their proximity to the aircraft rather than dependent on the view.

Hey Si,

Thats a good point.

Yesterday, while flying with TileProxy running (photo real tiles added in flight from a aerial scenery group like Virtual Earth), and noted that FS seemed to load tiles that I was looking at. I dont know if that was what was actually going on or a cooincidence.