Forcing Size and Position of Standard FSX Instrument Panel Items

Hi Gauge Gurus,

I am running FSX in windowed mode using 2 monitors in an extended desktop fashion (ie the 2nd monitor just makes my desktop bigger). On the primary monitor I have the main FSX window and on the extended monitor I am displaying the G1000 PFD and the Backup Gauges (both separate windows). I drag these over after undocking them and resize and reposition them. My problem is that when I End Flight or Exit FSX my position and size are lost on restart. It will still display the windows on the extended monitor but in the upper left corner and resized. Does anyone know of a way to force the position and size of these extra windows between flights? I tried saving everything I could; flight, configuration but to no avail. I am familiar with the SimConnect SDK and can program but I don't wish to create gauges just control the exisiting ones. Any insight would be greatly appreciated and quick, I'd like to get this working for FANCON 2007. Thanks!!

OK, I can do what I want using the windows FindWindow() and MoveWindow() functions. But if anyone knows some file that can be modified to produce the same results that would be even better.