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ADE is essentially freeware. It is not open source. The difference is that ADE is available as an application at no charge (see below for ProKey and Commercial Use). The source code is not available and you cannot distribute any part of ADE without our permissions. All copyrights remain with us or the respective copyright owners of the components we use.

There are parts of ADE that can be paid for. The ProKey is a small piece of code that allows you to use some advanced features. you do not need to the ProKey to successfully create or modify airports and scenery. However the ProKey features can make the job easier. Currently the ProKey can be tried out for 15 days. Thereafter you need to purchase a license (currently $9.99)

If you plan to use ADE for financial gain then it is not free to use and you will need a commercial license. Financial gain means that you are making something with ADE that you plan to sell or that an organisation that you are doing the work for plans to sell.

Please contact us if you are using or plan to use ADE in this way.
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