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Here is a thought for FS11. All sophisticated software has cool Diagnostics centers for their systems. It would be nice if FS had such a thing so that one could know why FS is crashing, or would flag sectors of the sim, such as Display settings, that could be improved, adjusted, etc.

Imagine being able to open a FS Diagnostics Center, click Display Flags, and a screen pops up and shows all possible Modules, Gauges, etc, that have one or more issues. From there, one could go through and check things out. A running system performance tuner would also be cool. Basically take the vista Resource Viwer screens and create a version that shows how much resources FS is using, how much scenery is using in memory, how much the aircraft (if chosen) is using, gauge memory, etc, so one could see why the sim is running poorly and quickly tune it to run at maximum speed frame rates. Perhaps one could even tune the system from this area as like on Graphics cards panels.

Right now, Accelleration has a unique 'Repair Installation'. Perhaps a nicer Diagnostics Center would allow even more capabilities for interacting and would/could help to improve performance with FS.

Being that FS is such a huge program or system, and frame rates can make or break the sim, and crashes can leave a person with an un-useable investment, perhaps this would be a nice investment for Aces with FS for its customers.

Perhaps this could also be called 'Performance and Diagnostics', putting Performance in there as well as repair so its multi-purpose.

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Good suggestion. I have found that after adding in some third party stuff FSX occasionally crashes before a proper shutdown. Diagnostic software may also help with this (the MS Event viewer does not help).
Also for third party developers it may assist them in debugging their offerings.