FS2004 FS Earth Tiles


anyone out there, who knows what happend to FS Earth Tiles and the Google-server ? I can't download tiles from germany, because "tile not found" and not only in detail-level 1 or 0.
Maybe there is a similar tool for creating a photoreal groundwork ...
you can use GMAPMAKER instead , it's way better than FS Earth Tiles in my opinion. because you can get much more data at once compare to FSE.
Have you updated your googleserver version in the FSEarthTiles.ini file?

Try updating it if you didn't before (like; ServiceUrl = http://khm0.google.com/kh?t=t%s&n=404&v=142)

Or try using the www button, below left.

I checked, with V=135, V=139 and V=142 (& using the www button) I am getting tiles normally.