FS2004 FS Library Objects distance of view - LODs

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Trying to clarify, using the annotator I've add and placed some custom libraries. They disappear too early for me. if I place the same object with XML it can be seen by very far away. Probably library objects have an empty LOD_100 or something, whereas XML placed objects has LOD_100 with full geometry. But I can't figure a way of change the lib objects LODs, because they are not compiled when you place them with annotator, they are just like autogen buildings.

Going directly to the question, as I said, default and custom library objects tends to disappear earlier than placed XML objects, even when using the same bgl library to do so. Is there any way to increase the distance of a library object, that actually will be placed just like an autogen object? :confused:


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When you say custom placed library object, you mean autogen placed right? Autogen objects indeed have a shorter visibility than XML placed objects. I don't think you can change it, that is one of the reasons autogen performs better.